Sand Mould Surface Hardness Tester SYS-B Foundry Sand Surface Hardness Tester

Model No. : SYS-B
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 155

Portable Digital Leeb110 Hardness Tester Used to Detect a Variety of Metal Mater

Model No. :  Leeb110
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 320

High Accuracy Screen Printing Meter HT-6510N Screen Tension Tester HT6510N

Model No. : HT-6510N
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 200

HM6580 Leeb HardnessTester Measure the Hardness of Metal Workpiece HM-6580

Model No. : HM6580
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 300

High Accuracy Digital HM-934-1 Barcol Impressor Single Bracket Hardness Tester

Model No. :  HM-934-1
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 446.63

HM-934-1+ Portable Barcol Impressor Aluminum Hardness Tester

Model No. :  HM-934-1+
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 430

FHT-15 Fruit Hardness Tester Unit Converse Functions FHT15 Portable Durometer

Model No. : FHT15
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 180

FHT-05 Digital Fruit Hardness Tester FHT05 Handheld Compact Penetrometer

Model No. : FHT-05
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 187

W-20 Portable Webster Hardness Tester for Aluminum Measuring Scope: 0-20HW

Model No. : W-20
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 289

Durometer HT-6510A Shore A Digital Hardness Tester Rubber Hardness Meter HT6510A

Model No. : HT-6510A
Brand Name : GRAIGAR

US $ 190

Durometer W-B75 Webster Hardness Tester Alloy Hardness Gauge WB75

Model No. : W-B75
Brand Name : Graigar

US $ 380

Digital Shore Durometer Sclerometer LX-A/LX-C/LX-D Rubber Hardness

Model No. : LX-A/LX-C/LX-D
Brand Name : Graigar

US $ 70