Digital Vibration Meter Tester VM-6360 With RS232 Software Cable Vibrator VM6360

Digital Vibration Meter Tester VM-6360 With RS232 Software Cable Vibrator VM6360

Model No.︰VM6360

Brand Name︰LANTEK

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Vibration Meter VM-6360 

Vibration meter is used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. Specifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provide the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.

1. In accordance with ISO 2372, used for periodic measurements, to detect out-of-balance, misalignment and other mechanical faults in rotating machines. 
2. Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commissioning, and predictive maintenance purposes. 
3. Individual high quality accelerometer for accurate and repeatable measurements. 
4. LCD digital display. 
5. Lightweight and easy to use 
6. Automatic power shut off to conserve power. 
7. Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and printing by the optional cable and the software for RS232C interface.

Filter baud:                                D                               P
Acceleration:   10Hz-1KHz       0.1-200m/s²              20.1-400m/s²
                 10Hz-10KHz     0.3-200ft/s²               0.3-1312ft/s²
Velocity:          10Hz-1KHz      0.1-8.0inch/s             0.1-400mm/s, 0.004-16.0inch
Displacement   10Hz-1KHz     0.001-2.0mm/0.04-80mil   0.001-4.0mm /0.04-160 mil
Accuracy: <5%
Auto power off
RPM (revolution): 5-100000r/min
Frequency: 0.1 to 10KHz
Metric/imperial conversion
With RS232C interface 
Max hold 
Operating conditions: 0-+45C(32F-104F), =90%RH
Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA (UM-4)battery
Battery indicator: low battery indicator
Dimensions: 124x62x30mm (4.88x2.44x1.18 inch)
Weight: 120g / 0.26lb (not including battery)



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