Viscosimeter Rapid Small Sample Digital Viscosity Meter SNB-1A Viscometer

Viscosimeter Rapid Small Sample Digital Viscosity Meter SNB-1A Viscometer

Model No.︰SNB-1A

Brand Name︰GRAIGAR

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories


Main machine: 1 unit

Ultra-low viscosity adapter (0 # rotor)


Rotor protection frame: 1pc

USB-RS232 Cable for the PC Software 


21#,27#,28#,29# rotor

Temperature probe


Manual : 1pc

Thermostatic cup


Quality warranty card

 Micro printer


CE Certification

Viscometer constant temperature water bath


ME-SNB-1A digital viscometer with LCD back-light display, program setting, automatic con-trol, timing measurement, automatic scanning,error alarm and other functions. 


The screen shows the viscosity, temperature, timing meas-urement time, speed, rotor number, percent ra-tio, torque, maximum 

viscosity range of infor-mation can be measured by viscometer. 


The full range of linearity and the block all throughthe computer interface with the standard sili-cone oil measurement correction, 

to ensure thatthe instrument has high sensitivity, high preci-sion, high repetition. 


The measured data is ac-curate and reliable, with good reproducibility.


ME-SNB-1A digital rotary viscometer can measure the absolute viscosity of Newton liquid or the apparent viscosity of non

Newton liquid.


The rheological properties of non Newton liquid can be analyzed by using viscometer data processing software.


Widely used in oil, paint, paint, pulp, textiles, food, drugs, adhesives, cosmetics and other fluids, semi fluid production industry 

and scientific research units.




1. Measurement data direct LCD screen display does not require two calculations 


2. Using the latest international microcomputer drive technology, import stepper motor, accurate speed, smooth and reliable


3. The use of advanced switching power supply technology, voltage and frequency range wide, powerfluctuations will not affect measurement accuracy


4. level display device is very convenient on the front of the viscometer


5. All ranges, the display accuracy of viscosity value is accurate to two decimal places, that is, 0.01mPa.S.


6. With the function of timing measurement, it is very useful for detecting non Newtonian liquid 


7. Using small sample adapters, the amount of sample required for each measurement is very small,18ml.


8. Automatic scanning function, the instrument can automatically recommend the best combination of rotor and speed


9. Automatically display the maximum range of viscosity that the selected combination can measure


10. With a print interface, you can directly connect to play micro printing machine, print a variety of data


11. Data processing software, can record real-time viscosity with time, speed or rotor (shearrate), temperature changes vary, which provides a good method to understand the viscosity andrheological properties of non Newtonian liquids.

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