AZ8919 Digital Anemometer CO2 Air Quality Detector Wind Speed Meter

AZ8919 Digital Anemometer CO2 Air Quality Detector Wind Speed Meter

Model No.︰AZ8919

Brand Name︰GRAIGAR

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

AZ8919 High Precision Digital Anemometer CO2 Air Quality Detector Wind Speed Range 0.2~30m/s



  • Products are all"CEApprove"And in accordance with"ISO9001 & ISO13485"The specification

  • 10cmBig fanLeafDesign, response speedDegreeFast, accurateDegreeHigh

  • To measure wind speed, wind and built in Switzerland&Swedish HumidityDegreeAndCO2Sensing element

  • Possessed large backlit display screen, squareThenFor use in the dark

  • You can view multi-point average and the time-weighted average

  • You can buy another round/Square hood, Free calculated outlet size



  • ColdCold air-conditioning industry

  • WindForcePower plant

  • School curricula(Case: Natural Sciences courses)

  • Laboratory personnel(NeedTheSolutions related to wind speedParametersThe experiment)

  • Work outdoors industry(Case: Agricultural and fishery workers)

  • TourMusicPlaces and construction sites(Part of the tourMusicEquipment or construction work up to a certain wind speed, you must stop to ensure safety.Case: FerrisRound)

  • Factory




Wind speed range

0.2 ~ 30m/s

Winds accurateDegree

Winds less than20m/sWhen,plusmn (ReadValue1.5% + 0.3m/s) Winds higher than20m / sWhen,plusmn (ReadValue3% + 0.3m / s)

Carbon dioxide range

0 ~ 9999ppm (5001 ~ 9999ppmOutside the measuring range)

Carbon dioxide accurateDegree

ReadValueplusmn 30ppm plusmn 5% (When measuring range from0 ~ 5000ppm)


-20 ~60.0




plusmn 0.6


0.1 ~ 99.9% RH


0.1% RH


plusmn 3% RH (This refers to the temperatureDegreeTo25Relative humidityDegreeTo10 to 90%When, Beyond this range is accurateDegreeTo+/- 5% RH)




Approximately 60Second

ScreenMoreNew speedDegree

Per second

Wet bulb temperatureDegreeNoticeableShow

-20 ~ 59.9

DewPoint temperatureDegreeNoticeableShow

-5 To 59.9

Wind Display

0 ~ 99999 m3 / s

Analytical windDegree

0.1 (When the air flow between0 ~ 9999.9 m3 / sTime) 1 (When the air flow between10000 ~ 99999 m3 / sTime)

Screen Size


Operating environment

0 ~ 50;0 ~ 80% RH

Storage Environment

-10 To 50;0 ~ 90% RH

Product Size



~ 200g

Powered by

AAABatteryx 4

Standard packaging containing

Host computer / Battery / SaySHEET / Carrying case

Optional Accessories

Hood kit: Circular hoodx1 (Diameter210mm), Square hoodx1 (346x346mm)


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Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/paypal/western union

Packing︰ export carton

Lead Time︰ 3 days

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