Anemometer Air Flow Speed Temperature Meter AM4836V Temperature Sensor

Anemometer Air Flow Speed Temperature Meter AM4836V Temperature Sensor

Model No.︰AM4836V

Brand Name︰GRAIGAR

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 125 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Anemometer Air Flow Speed Temperature Meter AM4836V AM-4836V Temperature Sensor w/ Software

I. Introduction:
Installation, debug and repair for refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monitor, navigation measurement, weather forecast, collection of the weather datum for outdoor busywork and fire department.

II. Parameters:
Display: 0.5"(13mm) 4-digit LCD
Measurement unist Air Velocity: m/s,km/h,ft/min,knots
Air Flow: CMM(m3/min) CFM(ft3/min)
Beaufort scale: Force
Wave Height: m
Data hold MaxIMum Value
Data memorized 24 groups
Sampling rate  reading per second approx
Sensors air velocity/flow sensor:
Conventional angled vane arms
Waith low-friction ball bearing
Temperature sensor: Precision thermistor
Automatic Power off 0-9 minutes set by users
Data output: RS232C serial interface
Operating temperature: 14 Fto140 F(-10 C to 60 C )
Operating humidity: Max.80%RH
Dimensions main instrument: 156x67x28mm(6.1x2.6x1.1'')

Air Velocity                       Range               Resolution            Accuracy
m/s (meters per sec)        0.4-45.0            0.1 m/s                ± (2%+0.1m/s)
km/h (kilo-meters/hour)    1.4-162.0          0.1 km/hr             ±(2% +0.1km/hr)
ft/min (feet per minute)     80-8860            0.1 ft/min             ±(2% + 1ft/min)
knots (nautical MPH)        0.8-88.0            0.1 knots             ±(2% +0.1 nots)

Air Flow
CMM (cubic meters/min)   0-9999            0.001 to1        ±(2% +1m⊃3;/min)
 CFM (cubic ft/min)            0-9999            0.001 to1        ±(2% +1ft⊃3;/min)

Beaufort Scale           0-12               0.1              ±0.5
Direction                    0-360°            22.5°           ±22.5°
Wave Height              0-14               0.1                ±0.1

Air Temperature
                         14 - 140 F         0.1 F            0.9 F
                         -10-60 C           0.1 C             0.5 C



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